The Berlin-based fashion label louloublanche was founded in 2016 by Louise Müller-Schönau and Blanche de Merode, the label specialises in coats and coatigans, which can be worn on either side.

louloublanche’s products are designed in Germany, the high-quality Double-Face material used in their products is a premium fabric from Italy.


The brand name is a composition of the first names of the two founders Loulou and Blanche, who have the goal in mind of creating fashion that combines elegance with practicality, extraordinary with comfortability and classic design with trends.


Louloublanche stands for duality - the double-face, the changeable, the diversity.

Each product can be used in many different ways and can be adapted to each one’s individual style.

Due to the versatility and the different color combinations, each louloublanche is essentially two products in one.